Sunset Cruise

Experience an unforgettable sunset and dinner cruise aboard the 50′ Sailing Catamaran, The Double Dolphin. This amazing cruise will have you venturing up and down the Santa Barbara Riviera looking for dolphins, sea lions and other fantastic marine creatures. Bring a camera to capture the gorgeous scenery. Santa Barbara’s picturesque coast line provides an unforgettable experience to complement your fitness vacation

Wine Tasting

Yes you are not imagining this! Wine tasting? Santa Barbara County is world-class wine country and we have partnered with some of the finest wine makers to give you insider winery tours and wine tastings on two of the evenings. Paired with the right foods a glass or two of wine will not interfere with your weight lose and fitness goals. This is a fitness vacation not a prison camp! Nestled in an oak-studded 40-acre vineyard, Roblar Winery is located in the heart of the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, just 30 minutes from Santa Barbara. Our winery reflects the spirit of “The Valley” as we locals call it—rustic, authentic, and bold. Our philosophy is to foster a unique visitor experience: bringing together great wine, great food and great company.

Before & After Fitness Assesment

Assessments are a vital part of our program so that we can get an accurate picture of the over all health of the individual. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to have a sustainable life style change that will improve your quality of life. To achieve this goal we will measure and test your vitals, blood work, body composition, and flexibility and key measurements. Average weight loss is 4 to 5 pounds per week, but losing 10 to 12 pounds is not uncommon. However, scale weight is not the most important factor.

Amazing Results

You will be amazed that you will lose weight while enjoying tasty gourmet meals in some of Santa Barbara County’s finest restaurants! A passion for a higher quality of life and a deep appreciation for the defining moment, be it a gorgeous sunset or the perfect glass of pinot noir at a charming winery in Santa Ynez Valley, count on Sky Ranch Fitness Camp to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Individualized Health Plans & At-Home Coaching

Our Coaches will prepare a plan specifically suited to you. There is no “one size fits all” approach that works. We are all different with different needs Success “At Home” is predicated on getting to know what works for you. Our Coaches will design and cater a workout and meal plan with you before you leave based off of information you have learned over the course of your stay with us. You will be held accountable through live Skype and email-scheduled check-ins. No other program puts as much emphasis on continued at home success.

Nutrition Education

Proper nutrition is one of the key elements for sustaining success. Throughout your stay we will offer seminars and lectures by physicians & experts on nutrition and health. Learning how and when to eat foods that are going to provide your body with the right fuel your body craves.